10 February 2019

Cruel Seas - Gluing Together PT Boats

So I was weak. I have already been distracted by something shiny and new.

Last week I bought the January edition of Wargames Illustrated that included some articles of interest, along with two free US PT boats for Warlord Games' Cruel Seas game. I liked how well they went together that a day later I bought the US Navy PT Boat Flotilla box set to give me a total of four Higgins and four Elco PT boats.

Overall they were pretty easy to put together, though due to the small parts there was more flash than I would've liked. They also didn't include an instruction sheet, so I had to watch some YouTube clips and search through historical photos to see which way round the torpedoes and rocket launcher were meant to be positioned. But these are just minor criticisms once you see what the flotilla looks like all lined up.

One thing that wasn't too easy to do was add a magnet (as I'll be storing these in a tin) to the bottom of each boat. Although there was a cavity, this was sloped on an angle. The simple solution was to add a little block of card about 7x7mm to the deeper end and then glue a strip of sheet magnet strengthened with card so that it was flush with the bottom of the boat. (The photo above also has all the boats with a magnet strip added.)

Painting-wise I'll keep things simple - the Higgins and two of the Elco boats with be in a simple grey scheme similar to this:

While the remaining two Elco boats will have additional camouflage:

Hopefully they'll be done in a few weeks. I also have my first game of Cruel Seas lined up next Sunday and have been watching a few of the play through videos that are online.

Edit: you can see part 2 here and part 3 here.

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