21 June 2017

Cars Wars First Game

So played my first Car Wars game the other night.

All I can say it was in game a few seconds of complete brutality and chaos, while real time was a few hours of fun and hilarity (one guy flipped onto his roof after ramming another player, continuing to shoot at anyone that crossed his sights).

18 June 2017

Bolt Action Sea Lion Game

Played a 1000 point game of Bolt Action at the League of Ancients today. Was a fun Sea Lion inspired game. The scenario was a basic hold the crossroads, I managed to get shot to bits as the German invader.

11 June 2017

Car Wars Conversions Painted

I've finished painting and basing the five cars that were converted earlier. Superglue was used to stick them onto a 3" x 1.5" piece of 3mm MDF followed by a PVA and sand mix for the basing material. They were then spray painted black, followed by Vallejo black acrylic and brush for any bits that were missed. They didn't get a particular special paint job, just simple highlights and some weathering to get them done (to be honest they were a lot more fun to convert).

1965 Pontiac GTO, the leader:

1963 Chevy II with a flamerthrower:

1984 Oldsmobile Hurst/Old, ram car:

Volkswagen SP2, light car to act as a sniper:

Land Rover Defender 90, support truck with turreted grenade launcher:

The flags look a little more pixilated in the photos, while from a normal distance they look fine. I'm planning a game or two of Car Wars in a week and I'll take some pictures of them in game.

Overall I'm happy with them and something I've always wanted to do - and for me to go from purchasing to a game in 4-5 weeks is pretty fast. Finally, there's room in the storage tin I found for them for one more car, so I'll probably do one last conversion at some point in the future.

21 May 2017

Car Wars Conversions 2

Following on from last weekend's quick Car Wars conversions, I finished off another three this weekend. This is all I have planned for this project.

The first one I converted was a Hot Wheels 1984 Oldsmobile Hurst/Old:

The collection of cars I'm putting together are fairly eclectic (though I'm going to paint them to be cohesive), but they'll have a mid to late 80s vibe. I was happy to get this one, as it's quintessentially a mid-eighties American car for me. It'll also add a "modern" vibe to the classic models I converted last weekend.

The Olds will be my rammer, so I added plenty of armour ready for it to cause some real damage.

The next one is a Hot Wheels Volkswagen SP2. This one was a happy discovery, being both German and Brazilian and would suit my need for a quick little blitzer:

The SP2 would be a light car to speed around the flanks and snipe from a distance.

 The final purchase I got was a Matchbox Land Rover Defender 90:

Not totally happy with this one, the scale seems a little off (though it's apparently 1/62), but I wanted something bigger than the sedans to support them. I'm hoping painting and a flag will help to blend it in (my feeling is it's too wide, but not sure exactly what's putting me off about its scale).

The bits are again mainly Games Workshop 40K weapons, along with plasticard (sheets and I-beams). I added mesh on these and the two other cars. I've also based all of them on 1.5" x 3" MDF bases as per the Axles and Alloys rules. Painting-wise I'm going to go with blacks and greys for a wolf pack theme, but the SP2 will have a white rabbit theme and the Land Rover will have a red bear one. They were more expensive, at $11 for the three, but that's only $15 for all five cars, so it's still a pretty cheap wargaming project.

Now I just need to paint them!

14 May 2017

Car Wars '65 Pontiac GTO and '63 Chevy II

A few weeks ago on Lead Adventure Forum the post on the 2017 Granite State Challenge (using Steve Jackson Games' Car Wars) was shared:

I've always wanted to convert Matchbox / Hot Wheels cars for something like this, but it's never been a front burner project for me. Well, that post above changed all that and I thought it'd be a nice little weekend project. I bought two Hot Wheels cars (at AU$2 each!) on Friday from the Reject Shop. The first was a '65 Pontiac GTO:

And the second was a '63 Chevy II:

After an hour or two the Pontiac turned into a mean looking interceptor:

While the Chevy was a nice little flamer:

The bits are mainly Games Workshop 40K weapons, along with plasticard (sheets and I beams). I think I might still add some mesh to the unarmoured windows once I find that in my modelmaking stash. I'll also need to use Greenstuff to fill in a few minor gaps.

Rules-wise I'm not sure yet, I've downloaded the free set of Axles & Alloys II here (off to the right hand side):

But Car Wars might be the other option. I'm probably going to buy another 2-3 cars to make a little squadron, most likely American muscle cars or pre-1985 cars. Haven't decided on a colour scheme yet, either blacks and reds for a speed demon crew or blacks and greys for a wolf pack.

24 April 2017

Victorian Renaissance Titles 2017

I took part in the Victorian Renaissance Titles for 2017 over the weekend. Competitors played four games of Field of Glory Rennaisance with 800 point lists drawn from Wars of Religion (and no date retriction).

I fielded an Early 30 Years' War German Catholic army, with plenty of heavily armoured K├╝rassiere, two average late tercios, Kossaken and artillery. I played four games that were tough, but enjoyable.

Here are some photos of my army taken during the last game:

The miniatures are mostly Grumpy and Museum miniatures.